About Our Restaurant

Montreal’s first, reservation only, OMAKASE restaurant. (Omakase means “Chef’s choice”)

In addition to being imported directly from Japan, fresh fish is also acquired from all over the world.
Our experienced Chefs meticulously select fish that suit the season, and use additional methods when necessary to maximize its umami (“delicious taste”).
We make it possible to indulge in Edomae sushi, as if you were in Japan.

We commit to serving fresh dishes of the highest quality, whilst also offering multi-sensory entertainment.

In addition to quality food, we also wish you to experience Japanese culture. So, special attention is given to using authentic
dining ware and cooking tools. We value your time with us and wish for it to be a live, interactive experience.
We welcome you with Omotenashi (the Japanese philosophy of hospitality).

Savour Japan while staying in Canada!

The omakase will start on time with no delays. We kindly ask ours guests to arrive 10-15 minutes earlier.